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Taking a New England Trip
All You Can See

Question: We are three senior citizens planning a trip for the year after next to New England.

We would like to see as much as possible in 10 days.

This year we drove to Yellowstone and covered 11 states.

We would like to do the same for this trip.

Go one way and come back another. Do you have any suggestions, we are coming from Pittsburgh PA.

New England Trip ideaAnswer: Are you going to stop in NYC or bypass it? I would suggest bypassing it. New York deserves a trip on it's own. Here's our suggested New England Trip, an "All You Can See" New England Tour

1. Day 1 - Follow 80 from Pittsburg and jump on Interstate 84; Follow 84 into Connecticut to Waterbury; Take Hwy 8 south to Bridgeport; Jump on Interstate 95 to Milford - spend the night

2. Day 2 - Get on Interstate 95 heading East; Take Exit 69 and go visit Gillette Castle, Taking the ferry across the Connecticut River, Take 156 south from Gilette castle to Foxwoods Casino; Leave Foxwoods, eat at Custy's Buffet, and head south to Mystic Seaport; Spend the night in a Mystic Seaport motel.

3. Day 3 - Spend Day 3 touring Mystic Seaport, take the Mystic River cruise, if raining go see the Mystic Aquarium. Spend the night at Mystic Seaport again

4. Day 4 - Jump on Interstate 95 east follow it to Exit 3a Hwy 138, turn right and follow it to Hwy 1 - Turn south and go see Narragansett Towers and eat lunch at Spains, go see the lighthouse at Judith Point. Get back on Route 1a and head north to Hwy 1/138, take the Newport Bridge exit. Go across the Jamestown bridge and the Newport bridge, and turn right to head into downtown Newport. Park and spend the rest of the day in Newport, view the mansions, and spend the night.

5. Day 5 - Follow Hwy 138 into Cape Cod, take 28 south to Martha's Vineyard ferry. Take the ferry, and/ or spend the night at Wood's Hole.

6. Day 6 - In the morning, get back on Hwy 28, and travel to the tip of Cape Cod to Provincetown. Spend the day, visit the Provincetown tower, and the Whydah Pirate Museum. Leave and travel 6a west to get out of Cape Cod. Take 3 north toward Boston. Spend night in or near Boston. Plymouth is a good spot.

7. Day 7 - Tour a little of Plymouth Rock if you want, then jump on 95 north (or I 93 if you want views of Boston), follow 95 to Hwy 302 (past Biddford, Maine) Follow 302 to Point Sebago - spend the night.

8. Day 8 - Leave Point Sebago taking Hwy 302 north to New Hampshire and get on Hwy 112. Take Hwy 112 to Interstate 93. Follow 93 north and jump on Interstate 91 going south. Go all the way to Springfield Mass, and get on Interstate 90 going west. Spend the night in the Berkshire mountains.

9. Day 9 - Take 90 west to Niagara Falls. Spend the day and night in Niagara Falls NY or Niagara Falls Canada.

10. Day 10 - Leave Niagara Falls on Interstate 90 going south. Take Interstate 79 back to Pittsburg. Relax at home and get your pictures developed.

See the map for this New England Trip

So to do this "All You Can See" tour you need a reservation in:

- Milford CT - 1 night with access to Interstate 95
- Mystic CT - 2 nights
- Newport RI - 1 night
- Woods Hole, Mass or a motel on Hwy 28 south in Cape Cod - 1 night
- Plymouth, Mass - 1 night
- Point Sebago - 1 night - 261 Point Sebago Rd Casco, ME 04015 Tel: (800) 872-7646
- Berkshires, Mass - 1 night - Interstate 90 access
- Niagara Falls - 1 night

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