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The most popular thing to do while in Provincetown is to visit the Pilgrim Tower.

It's just a short walk from Commercial Street and easy to find, because you can't miss it.

You can get into the Pilgrim Tower for free some days, but unfortunately the day we were there it wasn't free.

We got a discount ticket for 6 dollars at a cute little shop on Commercial street.

View of the Pilgrim Tower

When you reach the entrance of the Pilgrim Tower, you are met by two museums.

The museum on the right is about the settlers that settled south of Commerial Street, and the museum on the left is about the settlers that settled north of Commercial Street, which were the Portugese.

Entrance to the Pilgrim Tower

We chose to view the museum to the right, because it had information on how the Pilgrim Tower was built.

On the way out we checked out the Portugese museum. The picture above is the entrance to the tower.

View of the Cape Cod Bay

This picture is looking out the front of the entrance. How long did it take to climb the Pilgrim Tower? About 15 minutes. There are about 6 steps then a landing, six more steps and a landing, etc. until you reach the top.

There are historical markers imbedded in the walls to keep your mind busy while you are walking up.

Click the links below to see large pictures of what is inside the Pilgrim Tower and views from the top.

More Pictures of the Pilgrim Tower

-Picture looking up at the stairwells in the Pilgrim Tower... looking up
-Plaques have been built into the walls that line the inside... Boston and Watertown
-A view down at the stairwells from the top stairwell... view looking down
-The first picture I took from the top was toward Cape Cod Bay and the pier ... Cape Cod Bay
-This view is looking north at the tip of Cape Cod... tip of Cape Cod
-The next picture is looking East at the Cape Cod National Seashore... National Seashore
-A picture of the arm of Cape Cod looking south... looking south
-We stretched our arm outside the grate and took one looking down... looking down
-There were gargoyles at the 4 corners but we couldn't get a clear shot... tower arch
-The tower is surrounded by fencing, we looked thru windows... tower windows
-Last picture of the Pilgrim Tower... Pilgrim Tower
-From the museum.. mosaic shell greetings from 1800;s... sailor's valentines
-The Mayflower Compact on display in the museum and a replica Mayflower... displays
-A minature glass blowing shop display... glass blowing shop
-Sign in the front of the building with a brief history... Pilgrim Tower Information

More of the Historical Stairwell Plaques

-Lincoln 1630
-Fall River, Mass 1803
-Bristol RI 1680
-Winthrop and Revere Mass
-Charlestown RI 1629
-Falmouth Mass Incorporated 1686
-Orleans Mass
-Bourne Mass
-Eastham Mass
-Society of the Mayflower Descendants Connecticut 1896... CT descendants
-Society of the Mayflower Descendants Rhode Island 1901... RI descendants
-Society of the Mayflower Descendants Massachusetts 1907... Mass descendants
-Society of the Mayflower Descendants Pennsylvania 1896... PA descendants

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