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Mystic Seaport
Mystic, CT

This page is about our trip to Mystic Seaport.

I wish I could add all the cool pictures I have, but I have to settle for the favorites.

Favorite pictures and the favorite exhibits.The first picture is the entrance to Mystic Seaport, and we are very excited.

We were surprised when we went to Mystic Seaport, because we didn't realize that it was such a huge tourist attraction.

We were looking for an old dock with a boat anchored to it, and we always thought that the Mystic Aquarium was the main attraction in the area.

As it turns out, Mystic Seaport has 17 acres of shops, featuring colonial crafts, exhibits, demonstrations, and museums.

They even dress in colonial costume. This would be a great weekend getaway vacation. Spend one day at Mystic Seaport, and the next day at the Mystic Aquarium.

Mystic Seaport

We parked in the South Lot, which was right across from the entrance to Mystic Seaport. There was no charge for parking, but get there early. Exhibits are open 9 AM to 5 PM.

When we went inside, we got to the counter and found out it was $17.95 a person! Then my sister asked if they took Triple A, and they said yes. So we all got in at a discount rate. So don't forget to give them your AAA card. Then we each got a wristband Mystic wristband

It is July 4th and Mystic Seaport had an Independence Day Parade. The parade started at noon, and we arrived just in time Mystic parade

Mystic Whaling Boat

The first exhibit we were impressed with, was an original schooner they had on display. It is very old, and they fixed it so you could actually board it, and just feel the history surrounding you old schooner

We mozied our way to the tip of Mystic Seaport, where the Mystic Lighthouse is. It is not an original, but an exact replica. Here's a picture of the lighthouse in Mystic Seaport... Mystic lighthouse

Then we saw a long building, and went inside. This building turned out to be a "rope making" exhibit. It was so very interesting, and we learned how they made rope back then .ropemaking exhibit Another view inside of the ropemaking exhibit... rope making This is the entrance to the rope making building, you can go up steps and look down to see how they made rope

The rest of our time was spent checking out the whaling boats. We explored all of them, and heard the old whaling tales, and an actual whaling performance by actors in period dress. You can walk on the whaling schooners for a tour... whaling boat tour The whalers tell stories and sing songs for your enjoyment... whaler stories You can even go below to see what is there... inside the whaling boat

We sat down and rested for awhile under some shade trees. Visited some small period stores, like the doctor's office, the grocery store, and the tavern.

Then it was time to go on our Mystic River Cruise, so we walked over to where the Steamboat Sabina was docked.

More Pictures of Mystic Seaport

-One of the exhibits shows you how they use to sun dry fish... how they dry fish
-Another picture of the building that has shellfishing baskets and rakes... shellfishing
-A picture of a view of the building exhibits... Mystic buildings
-As you walk along, they have exhibit signs where you can read information... Mystic exhibit signs
-On the pier at Mystic Seaport... Mystic Seaport pier
-We stopped for a break in the shade and grabbed a snack.. snack shops
-You can also take a carriage ride around Mystic Seaport... carriage tour

Pictures of the Whaling Schooners

-First view approaching a schooner... schooner and Mystic River view
-A distint view of one of the schooners... full schooner view
-A picture looking up at the sails... Mystic schooner sails
-Last view of the whaling boat before we take the Mystic River Cruise... last view

Driving Directions:

Exit 90 off of I 95. At the end of the ramp, if you turn north, all the hotels and motels are there. If you turn south at the end of the ramp, follow it till you start seeing areas for parking for the Mystic Seaport. We highly recommend traveling there early in the morning.

Mystic Lodging

While we were in the area, we noticed several hotels and motels, if you turn north after you exit 90 off of I-95. Such as the Mystic Hilton, Comfort Inn, Days Inn, Residence Inn and a Best Western. Mystic Motels

See the Hotels and Compare Rates in Mystic CT

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