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Burlingame Campground

Burlingame State Park Campground is located in Charlestown, RI. It surrounds a huge pond called, Watchag Pond.

As we drove through Burlingame State Park, this is what we saw. When you enter the park you encounter very tall pines which look really cool and picturesque.

The campground is huge and divided into sections. They have 4 small cabins in the 100's section which is called the Fishing Area.When we parked and went into the office, here's what happened.

She asked me if there was an area we preferred, I replied, we would like a spot near the beach. We didn't realize till later, that if you ask for a spot by the beach the campsites are closer together.

Burlingame Campground

They gave us #38 and the beach was practically in front of us, so we had a nice view for pictures, and it is considered part of the Main Camp area. She said if we didn't like the spot to come back and tell her, and she would change it.

It is $14.00 for residents, $20.00 for nonresidents, which, the price has gone up from last year. I needed my driver's license and my car plate number. Each campsite has a firepit, and you can get firewood at the Entrance Office for $6.98, but we found some dead branches in the woods.

Burlingame camping

Burlingame Campground has a really nice Campstore at the campground, that we love to check out whenever we go there. Everything you could possibly need to camp, or whatever you left at home, they have, along with a large selection of souvenirs. We bought some camping forks to grill our hotdogs over the campfire for $2.98.

The Campstore is open from 7 AM to 9:30 PM which is very convenient. They feature the Green Mountain coffee, which is the favorite of many travelers to New England. A sign in front of the Campstore reads, "Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints."

Campground Facilities

There are plenty of toilet facilities around with showers, but if you go for the wilderness experience, they have porta-potties. They have several Volleyball courts, and a huge playground for the kids by the Campstore. Print out the Camping Supplies List

Burlingame playground

If you don't want to be crowded with other people get a spot in the 500's and have a bit of a "wilderness" experience. They are more woodsy. My husband was not a happy camper with our "near the beach" experience, because we heard people talking all night long. So next time we go, we're going to get a little more into the wilderness. Map of Burlingame Campsites 168k

Burlingame closes during the winter and they lock the gates. But people park in the parking area and take their dogs for a walk.

The Campground Beach

There are actually two parts to Burlingame State Park, the camping area and the picnic area. Both areas have beaches, but the one in the picnic area is bigger and nicer.

The beach area at the Burlingame campground is small and not the greatest, it has very little sand and small rocks. But hey, it's a beach!

Burlingame Campground Beach

The big attraction on the campground beach is a huge boulder that is just sitting there at the water's edge. The kids like to climb on it, and I saw a teenager laying on it, reading a book. They have canoe rentals too.
See pictures of Burlingame picnic area beach

Motels Near Burlingame

Or there are plenty of motels along Route 1 to stay, like the Ocean View Motel, but people mostly camp at the campground because they like camping. Plus they also have a beach there too, and the price was raised to $20.00 a night on the weekend. Some people RV it at the Charlestown Breachway

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