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Hammonasset State Park
Campground in Madison, CT

Hammonasset State Park has a very large campground, and it is well maintained.

Everyone we talk to in Connecticut likes to camp at Hammonasset the best, especially for Memorial Day weekend.

Along with Hammonasset having a great campground, it also has two beaches.

It's a great place to see the stars at night because there aren't any towns close by. Take a moonlight stroll on the boardwalk, it's very romantic.

Hammonasset Campground

When we took these pictures for you at the beginning of May, Hammonasset was still closed. There is a sign on the door that says they are open Memorial Day through Labor Day, 8 AM to 11 PM.

The campground has 550 spaces, which is a lot of campers.All State of Connecticut park fees doubled on October 1, 2009, and this years fees are as follows:

                                       CT Resident                     Non-Resident

Camping                         $30/night                       $40/night

Day-use/Weekday              $14                             $20

Day-use/Weekend & Holiday      $20                             $30

After 4PM (all days)             $10                             $10

 It might be a good idea to check the State of CT DEP site to see if the rates have changed or call.... Phone: 203-245-2785 See pictures of Hammonasset beach

Hammonasset camping ground

This sign says, "No bicycle riding after sunset. One benefit of camping at Hammonasset is that you are right by the beach. Take a moonlight stroll on the new boardwalk.That was all there was to see pretty much of the campground, maybe some one has some pictures taken actually camping there. Most of the time when we camp we go to Burlingame Campground.
The path to the beach.

The history of the campground is pretty interesting. Hammonasset's camping heyday appears to be in 1948 with a record of 6,200 campers. The 1950's and 1960's carries records of more than 40,000 visitors in one day. I wonder what the records show for more recent years to Hammonasset.

Hammonasset Campground Pictures

We visited Hammonasset about 2 weeks before the campground even opened. Therefore there''s not any campers in the pictures. But you can have some idea what Hammonasset Campground looks like before you go. Here's the entrance to Hammonasset

The next sign you see after passing the entrance is this one. Let's turn at the camping sign and see where it goes... Hammonasset Campground Ah, yes, here's the Camp Office. There is a parking area beyond the camp office for visitors. The sign says,"All Vehicles without Permits will be Ticketed after 10 pm.

When we passed the camp office and turned left, all we saw were fields lined with picnic tables. It looks like they have lots of room for campers. Each area had it own little street sign. In the background is the showers and restroom.

Hammonasset Beach

- The buildings in this picture are restrooms and snack bars. The boardwalk is pretty new, and this time they didn't make it out of boards. View of Hammonasset Boardwalk looking East... boardwalk looking east
- We walked on the boardwalk, and then turned to take a picture looking West... looking west
- Here's another view which takes in Hammonasset Bay... Hammonasset Bay
- Several picnic areas and shelters. Lots of room to fly a kite. Beach Picnic area
- There is a long walk to get to the East Beach... Boardwalk to East Beach
- It is a huge beach and this may be where everyone goes swimming... Hammonasset East Beach
- The jetty at the East Beach, built to control the waves and keep the sand from washing away... jetty
- See also Meig's Point

Driving Directions

Take Exit 62 off of I-95. View a Directions Map of Hammonasset.

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