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Eolia Mansion
at Harkness State Park

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Eolia Mansion is in Harkness Memorial Park in Waterford, CT.

The gardens at Eolia Mansion were so awesome we couldn't help but take a bunch of pictures.

We didn't go inside Eolia Mansion because there was a wedding going on.

Eolia Mansion pictureAnd what a beautiful wedding it was. The bride and groom came out to the mansion garden for their wedding pictures.

There are also statues in the rose and Japanese gardens. So romantic.

See the plush green lawn in the picture, that is where the bride and groom were. We didn't feel right taking pictures of them though, so we waited till they strolled back inside the mansion to their guests.

Eolia Mansion is located in Harkness Memorial Park in Waterford, CT, not too far from Ocean Beach Park in New London, CT.

If you're already married, like we are, you can walk Eolia Mansion grounds with your beloved, spread a blanket under a tree to read a book or talk, and enjoy the refreshing ocean air and cool breezes. It was so nice.

This is a beautiful place in Connecticut to take pictures, we hope you enjoy these. See larger pictures of Eolia Mansion on our Connecticut Wedding site.

Contact: Harkness Memorial State Park Tel. (860) 443-5725.

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