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Off the Wall Restaurant
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This is a new restaurant in Stratford that just recently opened.

It is located on the shoreline near Marnick's Motel and Restaurant down by the Seawall Overlook in Lordship.

The owner said you need reservations, so here's the number, 203-375-8805.

Even though they carry a full menu, including steaks, the owner said they specialize in Clam Cakes and Seafood Stew.

Off the Wall Restaurant

When I went inside, it looked pretty fancy. The tables were set in white tablecloths, silverware, and wine glasses. Probably the perfect spot for a romantic dinner for two.

Driving Directions:

Exit 32 off of I 95. Make a right at the light which is Main St. or Hwy.113. Follow Hwy.113 south past the Sikorsky airport, and make a right at the light.

Follow this street (Hwy. 113) till it ends, go around the circle, and make a right onto the Washington Pkwy. Follow this street and it will take you right to the Seawall Overlook. Once you are at the Seawall, make a left and it is right there. It is not a large building.

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